SS20 Rose S (70010) VIVA12 PRECIOSA


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Preciosa’s MC Chaton Rose VIVA12® sparkles with life – 12 beautifully shimmering facets reflecting the beauty that surrounds them. Endless displays of enchanting light emanate from the superbly cut crystal stone. This world-class product is made to the highest standards of quality, blending Preciosa’s age old tradition of Czech crystal manufacturing with cutting edge technology and style.

Size:SS 20
Approx. MM Size:4.60-4.80MM
Model:MC Chaton Rose VIVA12
Manufacturer Country:Czech Republic

 The "MC Chaton Rose VIVA12®" PRECIOSA No HOTFIX are usually used to decorate clothing and flat surfaces. They also very often used in nail design, for decoration furniture, cars and accessories and so on.

The price per 1 package 1440 pcs. (10 gross)

SizeSS 20

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SS20 Rose S (70010) VIVA12 PRECIOSA

SS20 Rose S (70010) VIVA12 PRECIOSA

The price per 1 package 1440 pcs. (10 gross)

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