SWAROVSKI – suurepäraste lihvitud kristallide TippBränd!

Alates 1895. aastast Swarovski, mis oli asutatud Daniel Swarovski poolt, oli pühendatud täiuslikkusele. Swarovski on disaini särav hing. Suurte pidevalt uuenduslike kärpimiste, värvide ja tekstuuride hulk võimaldab vallandada piiramatut loovust. Kristall kui unistuse looja on lõpmatu innust...

SWAROVSKI – suurepäraste lihvitud kristallide TippBränd!

Alates 1895. aastast Swarovski, mis oli asutatud Daniel Swarovski poolt, oli pühendatud täiuslikkusele. Swarovski on disaini särav hing. Suurte pidevalt uuenduslike kärpimiste, värvide ja tekstuuride hulk võimaldab vallandada piiramatut loovust. Kristall kui unistuse looja on lõpmatu innustuse allikas. „Tehtud Swarovski Elementidega“ on ehtsuse ja terviklikkuse deklaratsioon.






Swarovski Innovations.
MORE THAN 100 YEARS OF innovation AND experience.
Swarovski has been dedicated to perfection in all aspects of crystal creativity since 1895. Today, Swarovski is an inspiration to the entire design world in terms of precision-cut crystal.

Crystal Galuchat

Reach out and touch the Crystal Galuchat

Tactility has been a core consideration for designers for some time now—it reflects our search for re-engagement in an over-digitalized world. Fascinating yet discreet, Crystal Galuchat’s subdued sparkle is inspired by the otherworldly, sandpaper-like skin of the stingray. It reconnects us with our sense of touch while offering a glimpse of mystery and ethereal magic. The beautiful surface fits with a variety of customized motifs using the Hotfix application. What’s more, it stands out from the crowd—there’s simply nothing like it on the market.

Made from Crystal Fabric combined with uncut crystal balls of different sizes (2.5 mm and 3.55 mm diameters), the result is an irregular 3D effect that is smooth to the touch and offers a wide variety of uses. With a minimum width of 9 mm, motifs range in size from 15x15 mm (minimum) to 400x330 mm (maximum), and come in 8 effects. In addition to standardized designs, a variety of customized motifs are available that are appropriate for many segments, including apparel and accessories.


Sünteetika - Synthetics
  Need mitmekülgsed tooted avavad arvukate rakendustehnikate kaudu hulgaliselt loomingulisi disaini võimalusi. Sünteetika nagu Crystal Rocks, Crystal Fine Rocks, Crystal Ultrafine Rocks ja Crystal Fabric ühendavad Swarovski elegantsed kristallid sünteetiliste kandematerjalidega, mida saab kasutada Hotfixi või IT (isekleepuva) tehnoloogia abil. Need sobivad ideaalselt tekstiili, sisekujunduse, ehete ja aksessuaaride segmentidesse.

 Crystal Fabric Swarovski on veel üks leiutisele vastav toode, mis koosneb kandematerjalist, mis on täielikult kaetud miljonite pisikeste tükeldatud ja lihvimata kristallidega.

Swarovski Nail Products

Swarovski Crystal Pixie Easy
The hundreds of tiny crystals in Crystal Pixie create a mesmerizing effect that is like fingers dipped in stardust.

Swarovski Crystal Pixie is perfect for creating endless fun DIY looks at home – application is easy!

Swarovski Crystal Pixie available in 4 different colors Pixie guarantees a dazzling style for every occasion.

Liimitavad lamepõhja...

Liimitavad lamepõhjalised kristallid (külma kinnituvad kivikesed) SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Flat Backs No Hotfix (F) are loose crystal elements with Platinum Foiling on the back for extra brilliance and protection. Flat Backs No Hotfix are easy to apply to a variety of carrier materials using standard one- or two component glues. They are available in a multitude of colors, shapes and cuts. The most important single item in this product group is the XILION Rose Enhanced, the most brilliant cut on the market.

Triigitavad lamepõhja...

Triigitavad lamepõhjalised kristallid (kuuma kinnituvad kivikesed) SWAROVSKI

Õmbluskivid (Sew-on)

Õmmeldavad kivikesed SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on lahti kristall elemente, mida saab käsitsi õmmelda või masinaga peale igat tüüpi tekstiil ja tarvikud. Õmmeldavad kivikesed tulevad ühe-, kahe- või kolme aukuga variantidega ja neid saab kasutada mitmesugustes dekoratiivsetes mõttes peeneks tikandiks.

Kristall Pärlid Swarovski

Kristall Pärlid Swarovski Elements on ideaalne imitatsioon ehtsaid pärle. Oma unikaalse kristall südamik koos uuenduslike Swarovski ® pärli katega annab neile veatu pinna ja täiuslik kõverdus. Swarovski ® Kristall Pärlid on saadaval läbi puuritud aukuga, 1/2 puuritud auke, erineva kuju, samuti sõlmes nööris.

Kristall Helmed Swarovski

Swarovski ® Kristall helmed on väga populaarsed ja lihtsad kasutusel. Neid on olemas viimase moe värvides, mõju ja kärpeid. Kasutatakse erinevaid rakendusi (Profileerimine, õmblus-, traadi tööd jne) need suurepäraselt sulanduvad teiste kristall elemente.

Kristall Ripatsid

Ripatsid Swarovski Elements on piiritu elegants ja saadaval laias valikus klassikalisi ja avangardi lõigud ja kujundeid, samuti erinevaid värve ja mõju. Lisaks pakutakse neid mitmeid erinevaid kasutusvõimalusi , näiteks ehete manipuleerimise ja kanga- või sise-rakendusi.

Ümmargused Kristallid

These loose swarovski crystal elements feature a wide variety of different cuts such as the XILION Chaton - the most brilliant cut on the market. The majority of Round Stones are pointed on the reverse side, making them easy to apply whether in metal claw settings or in pre-set cavities of die-cast metal alloys.

Ehete Kristallid...

Fancy Stones are offered in numerous shapes ranging from classical gemstone inspired cuts to progressive trend cuts. They come in a huge assortment of different sizes and colors. Showing either a facetted or flat reverse side, Fancy Stones can be glued into pre-cast cavities or used in metal settings. Their precision cut facets assure the highest brilliance and endow design ideas with a unique sparkle.

Kinnitused Ehete...

Kinnitused Ehete Kristallide jaoks (Fancy Stones Settings) Swarovski Elements on avatud vasest komponendid. Iga kinnitus on tehtud kindla kristalli muudeli ja suuruse järgi, mis kaitseb kristalli ning võimaldab hulgaliselt kasutusvõimalusi. Sealhulgas: õmblemine, jootmine ja liimimine. Peale avatute on saadaval kinnitused kinnitatud ühel poolt ka, mida võib olla tarvis mõni kord.

Kristall Nööbid

Crystal Buttons Swarovski Elements can be used in exactly the same way as standard buttons. The assortment of available buttons ranges from those for shirts, blouses, jackets and coats, to buttons for denim wear and accessories. They are suitable for hand and mechanical application. The assortment includes Crystal Buttons, Buttons with Plastic Shanks, Jeans- and Decorative Buttons as well as Snap- and Magnet Fasteners in a variety of sizes, colors and effects.

Kleebised Swarovski...

Swarovski Elements Transfers are ideal for the HotFix applications on all kinds of textiles. They are available in a large range of motifs and numbers of rows, which are made up of different articles from the Flat Back HotFix assortment. Featuring designs from the in-house design team, they can comprise XILION Roses, Ringed XILION Roses, or Creation Stones, as well as Metallics and Cabochons.

Crystal Leatherette-it

Kleebised nahast kivikestega
Crystal Leatherette-it is a combination of a chaton transfer motif, artificial leather and an adherent surface, creating a leather sticker solution for all kind of hard surfaces. It comes with or without embossing options in different colors and shapes and a multitude of leather and crystal colors.

Kristall kettid...

Swarovski Elements Cupchains (Kristall kettid) are metal chains that integrate Round or Fancy Stones. Cupchains are offered in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors and platings. A range of anti nickel allergenic platings are available making it easier and safer to incorporation this articles into jewellery.

Metal Trimmings

 Metal trimmings are semi-finished metal products integrating XILION Chatons and XILION Flat Backs. They can be sewn by hand or machine, and mechanically applied onto different fabrics or other materials. Metal Trimmings are bestsellers among the textile, shoe and accessories segments because they can be used in a multitude of different ways and feature a whole range of different application possibilities.

Swarovski Rondelles

These products are Swarovski Elements Rondelles that can integrate either Round or Fancy Stones and Beads into any creative  design. The Rondelles is available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and platings.

Rondelles are Round and Fancy Stones with metal parts that can be used as a spacer between Beards or Crystal Pearls. The XILION Square Rondels and XIRIUS Rondels are also part of this group.

BeCharmed & Pavé

The BeCharmed assortment, from Beads, Crystal Pearls, Pavé, and Rondelles to Stoppers and Pavé Balls in a brilliant array of colors and effects, offers unlimited combination possibilities. All products of this unique line feature a highquality stainless steel part with Swarovski branding and a 4.5 mm-diameter hole, which is the standard size for existing charm concepts, making BeCharmed pieces ideal collectibles. Use them to create a look that is unique to you and commemorate life’s unforgettable moments.

BeCharmed Pavé Charms

A star has been born in the BeCharmed assortment: BECHARMED PAVÉ CHARMS.
The distinctive visual language of the BeCharmed Pavé Charms with Swarovski branding creates a simple and modern look. It offers everyday style with a soft, feminine touch. The beauty of the BeCharmed concept is that it can be paired with other charms for an effortlessly eclectic style – or used as a single talisman.


Lameda põhja ja fooliumiga Swarovski Kabošoonid.
Swarovski ovaalsed kabošoonid - mudel 2196/4 - uued kristallelemendid kollektsioonis SÜGIS / TALV 2021/22