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14MM Valge Crystal Ümmargune Pärl (001 650) Suure Avaga 5811 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

14MM Valge Crystal Ümmargune Pärl (001 650) Suure Avaga 5811 Sw.Elements

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Värv: Valge

 The classic Crystal Pearls colors with Large Hole for perfect replicas of genuine pearls with Sw.Elements engraving are perfectly suited to applications that required a large hole diameter. 
 Crystal Pearls offer unlimited combination possibilities with the colorful loose crystal elements assortment.

Suurus: MM 14,0
Värv: Valge Pärl
Material: Crystal Core
Muudel: 5811
Manufacturer Country: EU

The Sw.Elements Crystal Pearls are simulated pearls and are not natural. Crystal Pearls by Sw.Elements are pearls made with a crystal core. The innovative technology by Sw.Elements gives the pearl a mysterious glow, which appears to be radiating from within the pearl itself.

The price per 1 pcs.



MM 14,0

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