Miyuki DELICA 10/0 (2.2mm)

10/0  MIYUKI DELICA Seed Beads (DBM) are the finest glass seed beads ever produced. Their quality and extensive color palette is unsurpassed to this day by any other bead manufacturer.  They are the perfect choice for any Peyote, Brick Stitch or Loom Project requiring precision and uniformity of stitches.  Their large center hole enables you to pass your needle and thread through the bead multiple times without breaking it.
If you have plan to make a big work, Delica Bead size M is very helpful. Using size M can make your work gorgeous, also it will take less time to create because of its bigger hole and size.
- Each bead measures 2.2mm in diameter, 1.7mm long and hole size is 0.95~1.00mm.

10/0  MIYUKI DELICA Seed Beads (DBM)

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