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The revolutionary faceting of the 2028 XILION Rose, with its power of light reflection and intensified luminosity, has been unique on the market since a couple of years. Now the evolution continues. Sw.Elements has further optimized the XILION cut even more, resulting in a higher and more intense rate of brilliance! As of February 1st we will launch the brilliant 2058 XILION Rose Enhanced No Hotfix, which is an upgrade of the 2028 XILION Rose No Hotfix. As result - 2058 XILION Rose Enhanced. At the both of crystals (2028 and 2058) have 14 facets and foiling on the back for strengthening of shine and better for gluing.

2088 XIRIUS Rose - 2034 CONCISE - 2058 XILION Rose

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