Swarovski Display Case Line Extension with 20 Pixie Crystal boxes

Swarovski Display Case Line Extension with 20 Pixie Crystal boxes


Swarovski CRYSTAL PIXIE Line Extension EASY Display


  • Made of cardboard
  • Filled with 20 Pixie Line Extension boxes (5 each color)
  • Space and money saving
  • SIZE approx. 25x21x15cm

Swarovski® Create Your Style Crystalpixie puts magic at your fingertips
with four new stunning colors.

Pre-order, delivery ~ 30 days

A Swarovski® branded EASY Display is available as a bonus gift when ordering five packages of each Crystal Pixie Line Extension color: Candy Land, Starry Night, Comic Pop and Exotic East. The EASY Display cannot be ordered separately.

CRYSTALPIXIE Line Extension: Application to Nails is easy
Step-by-Step Application

  • Apply two base layers of nail polish
  • Pour Swarovski Crystal Pixie over the wet nail polish
  • Pixie will sink into the moist nail polish
  • Gently press and compact the Pixie into the nailbed
  • Scrape off the exceeding Pixie from the nailrim with the finger to obtain clean edges
  • Let polish dry – Pixie will stick onto the nail polish
  • Apply top coat to the edges of the Crystal Pixie decoration

One bottle with 5 grams of Pixie lasts for more than 25 single nail decorations!


  • Make sure you hold the finger over a tray in order to catch all the exceeding Swarovski Crystal Pixie
  • Use the funnel provided in the package to pour the exceeding Crystal Pixie back into bottle
  • In order to secure maximal brilliance of Crystal Pixie were commend not to apply top coat to the entire nail – apply top coat only to seal the edges and prevent erosion
  • For creating patterns use adhesive tape as a stencil –paint inside the stencil with colored or transparent nail polish and apply Pixie
  • If your Pixie decoration gets damaged you can try to correct the by applying polish andPixie only on the affected spot – rather than removing the entire design

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