Rules of sale

Rules of sale in the "Crystal MIX" online store:

1. General information

1.1 The "Crystal MIX" oonline store (Company name - SASS Teame OÜ) is an e-shop which is carrying out sale of goods on samples is called further the Seller (Samples of goods are located on the "Crystal MIX" online store).

1.2 The legal or natural person intending to make the Order of the goods from the Seller is called further the Buyer.

1.3  At the Order of goods through the Internet the Buyer confirms consent with these rules by pressing of the  'I agree to the terms of service ...' checkbox on the finishing step of execution of the Order in online store. This confirmation means that the Buyer agrees to buy goods from the Seller on the conditions specified in these rules.


Prices in the online store and the physical store are different (not the same).

2. Order's Execution

2.1 On the basis of exposition catalogs of the Seller, the Buyer fills an electronic form of the Order with goods and sends the created Order to the Seller through online shop "Crystal MIX".

2.2 All information materials presented in the catalog of online store "Crystal MIX" is auxiliary and can't transfer fully reliable information about properties and characteristics of goods, including colors, the sizes and forms. A reliable source of information about goods are official catalogs of producers of goods. In case of emergence from the Buyer of the questions concerning properties and characteristics of the goods the Buyer must send addition inquery to the Seller or to the Producer about properties of goods before execution of the Order.

2.3  At the execution of the Order the Buyer provides reliable information about the recipient and the authentic delivery address for Order.

2.4 The Buyer chooses a way of delivery of goods from assumed by the Seller.

2.5 After obtaining the Order the Seller checks compliance of goods in a warehouse with the ordered quantity and after that, if necessary, agrees on data of the Order with the Buyer on phone or e-mail, including date and time of delivery of goods.

3. Delivery of goods

3.1 Delivery of goods is organized by the Seller on the terms of described in the section "Delivery" at the address: .

3.2 The Seller organize the delivery of goods to the Buyer to the address specified in the Order.

4. Purchase and Sale Agreement

4.1 The Seller demonstrate and delivery goods to the Buyer in the original packing of the producer in the assortment and quantity specified in the Order.

4.2 The Seller accepts payment for goods from the Buyer. Payment is made in Euro.

4.3 The Buyer confirms by pressing of the "I Confirm my Order" button on the finishing step of execution of the Order that he has no claims to the assortment, quality and quantity of goods. After acceptance of goods by the Buyer, the Seller doesn't accept claims on the assortment, quality and quantity of goods.

4.4 In the case if the Buyer hasn't paid the ordered goods within 7 days after placing order, the Seller reserves the right to cancel this order unilaterally.

5. Return of goods

5.1 All goods can be returned within 14 days from the moment of receiving goods .
5.2 Goods must be in the original closed and intact packing.
5.3 Goods must be be unused and without damages and packing unopened.

5.4 In the case if a packing or goods have at least insignificant damage (s) we reserve the right to refuse return of goods.
5.5 All transportation costs for return of goods are completely paid by the Buyer.
5.6 Subject to the ability to verify compliance returned goods, Seller will refund the full amount of payment for returned goods received from the Buyer, exclude of any delivery costs. The sum of money which is subject to return is transfer within 30 days from the moment of arrive of goods in a proper condition on a Seller's warehouse from the bank account of the Seller to the Buyer's account.

The Seller reserves the right to change the text of these rules without additional notification of the Buyer.
These rules are available on the address: Rules of sale