Les Perles par Puca®

"Les perles par Puca® - Paris"

Please welcome to the New World of Beads - "Les perles par Puca® - Paris"!

 The french designer Annick, named Puca, with more than 12 years of experience creating and distributing beads, drawed a first bead, the Khéops® par Puca®. As it was a great success, she drawned then other beads : Arcos®, Minos®, Ios®, Super-Khéops®, Tinos, Amos® and Cabochons® par Puca®. Since 2014 were created an exclusive range of beads, designed by Puca® - "Les perles par Puca® - Paris".
 All the beads in the Les Perles Par Puca® range are inter-connectable, allowing you to create elegant designs which seamlessly blend and harmonise.

 All the beads fit together or can be used separately.

Discover a new world of creation!

Les Perles par Puca®


  • AMOS® by PUCA®
    <p><strong>AMOS® PAR PUCA®</strong><br /><br />Discover the latest <strong>perle par Puca®</strong> born in November 2017, <strong>Amos® par Puca®</strong>, a glass bead with a petal form, size of 5x8mm, with 2 wholes. <br /><br />You'll be able to create some beautiful jewels with <strong>Amos® par Puca®</strong>!</p>
  • ARCOS® by PUCA®
    <p><strong>ARCOS® PAR PUCA®</strong><br /><br /><strong>Arcos® par Puca®</strong> is the second bead designed by <strong>Puca®</strong>.<br /><br />With a half-moon shape with 3 holes, it's the elder sister of the <strong>Minos® par Puca®</strong>. They can be connected together and fit into each other!<br /><br />Discover the world of interconnectable beads!</p>
    <p><strong>IOS® PAR PUCA®</strong><br /><br />With <strong>Ios® par Puca®</strong>, her new interconnectable bead, <strong>Puca®</strong> is offering you to discover the world of osmosis creation where the perfect interconnexion of her 3 beads (<strong>Arcos®</strong>, <strong>Minos®</strong> and <strong>Ios®</strong>) multiplies the possibility of osmosis creation and gives more chic, grace and elegance to your creations.</p> <p>Enjoy osmosing!</p>
    <p><strong>CABOCHONS PAR PUCA®</strong><br /><br />Discover the <strong>Cabochons par PUCA®</strong>. <br /><br />You'll be able to create some beautiful jewels with <strong>Cabochons par PUCA®</strong>!</p>

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