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MORE THAN 100 YEARS OF innovation AND experience.
Swarovski has been dedicated to perfection in all aspects of crystal creativity since 1895. Today, Swarovski is an inspiration to the entire design world in terms of precision-cut crystal.



    <p><strong>MAIN LAUNCH Fall/Winter 2016/17</strong><br />* <strong>DESIGNER EDITION</strong>: A highlight of <strong>Swarovski</strong>’s latest innovations is the <strong>creative power</strong> of <strong>Jean Paul Gaultier</strong> and technical expertise of <strong>Swarovski</strong>, who have joined forces to discover the perfectly imperfect with the <strong>Kaputt collection</strong>, featuring the stunning <strong>Crystal Scarabaeus Green</strong> effect. <br /> * <strong>POWER TO SHINE</strong>: Embracing the ‘<strong>Power to Shine</strong>’ theme, <strong>Swarovski</strong>’s latest collection introduces <strong>Graphic Fabric</strong>, <strong>Fine Rocks</strong> and <strong>Rocks</strong>, an innovative printing method that offers a truly personalized look for an <strong>infinite range</strong> of stunning 3D effects.<br /><br /><strong>KAPUTT DESIGNED BY JEAN PAUL GAULTIER</strong><br />Description: Broken and raw, but elegant at the same time, the <strong>Kaputt</strong> design captivates with distinctively irregular, partly unpolished, or frosted surfaces that give it an all natural, almost meteoritic appearance. It comes in rich, shimmering metallic colors as well as classics, such as <strong>Crystal</strong> and <strong>GSHA</strong>, and boasts the famous <strong>Jean Paul Gaultier</strong> logo as a <strong>laser engraving</strong>.<br /><br /><strong>CRYSTAL SCARABAEUS GREEN</strong><br /><strong>DESIGNED BY JEAN PAUL GAULTIER</strong><br /> Scintillating somewhere between the <strong>hypnotic</strong>, otherworldly shimmer of the <strong>scarab</strong> and the <strong>bright green</strong> of <strong>tarnished copper</strong>, <strong>Crystal Scarabaeus Green</strong> was developed as a perfect match for the <strong>Kaputt Collection</strong>. It, too, was a <strong>flash</strong> of <strong>inspiration</strong> from <strong>Jean Paul Gaultier</strong>, who closely followed the development of this stunning new effect with its <strong>green</strong>, <strong>blue</strong> and <strong>purple metallic luster</strong>.<br /><br /> The story goes that as a young man <strong>Jean Paul Gaultier</strong> frequently went past the <strong>opera house</strong> in <strong>Paris</strong> and was fascinated by the <strong>green</strong> coloring of the tarnished <strong>copper</strong> <strong>roof</strong>.</p>
  • The Balance of Nature...
    <p><strong>Swarovski</strong>’s <strong>crystal</strong> <strong>innovations</strong> for <strong>Spring/Summer 2017</strong> draw inspiration from the season’s over-arching theme of ‘<strong>The Balance of Nature</strong>’. The focus for the season is firmly set on the growing mega trend of the human desire for wellbeing, and the search for an oasis of calm amid the harsh demands of twenty-first century life.  Vitally important to achieving this goal is discovering the personal visual representations that both express and support a lifestyle that relies on the natural world for its touchstone.  <strong>Swarovski</strong>’s trend experts have identified four distinct sub-themes that are fueling these contemporary aspirations: <strong>Air</strong> (<strong>Classic</strong>); <strong>Earth</strong> (<strong>Romantic</strong>); <strong>Water</strong> (<strong>Progressive</strong>); and <strong>Fire</strong> (<strong>Glamour</strong>).</p>
  • The Nature of Us:...
    <p> Sustainability is fundamental to <strong>Swarovski</strong>’s philosophy—the <strong>CLEAR</strong> compliance program, <strong>Advance Crystal</strong> standard, and <strong>Swarovski Waterschool</strong> all attest to this. So it is with great pride that the <strong>crystal</strong> company is launching its <strong>Fall/Winter 2017/18</strong> <strong>crystal innovation</strong>s with a special focus on sustainability, under the theme: <strong>The Nature of Us</strong>.<br /> <strong>Swarovski</strong> has also embarked on a close collaboration with <strong>Céline Cousteau</strong> that echoes the theme, called <strong>Tribute to Tribe Collection</strong>. Famously dedicated to saving the oceans, more recently, this granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau has been working with an indigenous tribe to protect the Brazilian Amazon’s fragile ecosystem. Her collection is based on the tribal decorations seen painted or tattooed on skin, and include the new <strong>Oval Tribe Fancy Stone</strong>, the <strong>Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone</strong>, and the <strong>Cross Tribe Pendant</strong>.<br /> <span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>The Nature of Us</strong> presents four further sub-themes</span>:</p> <ul><li><strong>Soul Food</strong> (<strong>Classic</strong>)</li> <li><strong>Work Life</strong> (<strong>Progressive</strong>)</li> <li><strong>Travel Age</strong> (<strong>Romantic</strong>)</li> <li><strong>Party Spirit</strong> (<strong>Glamour</strong>)</li> </ul>
  • New Perspectives...
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Time for New Perspectives</strong></span> <br /><strong>SWAROVSKI INNOVATIONS</strong> Spring/Summer 2018<br /><br /> <strong>Swarovski’</strong>s beautifully crafted <strong>crystal innovations</strong> for SS18 are perfectly in tune with the current mood, where old divisions are being broken down and a value revolution is taking place. The <strong>new collection</strong>'s <strong>inspirational cuts</strong>, <strong>colors</strong> and <strong>effects</strong> mirror the attitude that is sweeping the design world: the need for <strong>New Perspectives</strong></p>
    <p> What better way to welcome the summer than with the beautiful new <strong>BeCharmed Secret Garden</strong> <strong>Collection</strong>? Featuring three delightful new <strong>BeCharmed Pavé</strong> <strong>Beads</strong>—<strong>Tulip</strong>, <strong>Daisy</strong> and <strong>Butterfly</strong>—each perfectly encapsulates the season with lighthearted elegance. <br /> Made with a high-quality <strong>stainless steel</strong> inner core engraved with the <strong>SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS</strong> logo for a definitive stamp of authenticity, each sparkling <strong>BeCharmed Pavé</strong> <strong>Bead</strong> measures 14mm x 9.3mm and has a 4.5mm hole large enough to thread with <strong>SWAROVSKI®</strong> <strong>BeCharmed</strong> <strong>Bracelet</strong> (80000) or leather, rubber, or cord. The <strong>silky Tulip</strong> (<strong>82125</strong>), with its Flower Garland pattern created using <strong>Navette</strong> <strong>Fancy Stones</strong>, conveys all the optimism of late spring in five glorious color combinations. The <strong>cheerful Daisy</strong> (<strong>82143</strong>) is a harbinger of summer, capturing the warmth of lush, lazy days in four different color combinations of <strong>XILION Chatons</strong> and <strong>Flower</strong> <strong>Fancy Stones</strong> (4744), also in the <strong>Flower Garden</strong> pattern. The <strong>playful Butterfly</strong> (<strong>82133</strong>) features a fragile <strong>crystal butterfly</strong>, its wings open in flight, composed of <strong>XILION Chatons</strong> and <strong>Butterfly</strong> <strong>Fancy Stones</strong> (<strong>4748</strong>) in five colorways. The new Secret Garden Pavé Beads work beautifully when mixed and matched with other sparkling <strong>Crystal Beads</strong>, <strong>Pavé Beads</strong>, and <strong>Pavé</strong> and <strong>Crystal Charms</strong> from the <strong>BeCharmed</strong> assortment.</p>
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>SPARKLING JOY AT CHRISTMAS</strong></span> <br />The <strong>BeCharmed Christmas Collection 2017</strong> is a sparkling celebration of the most joyful time of year. Three dazzling <strong>BeCharmed Christmas Pavé Beads</strong>: <strong>Candy</strong>, <strong>Angel</strong>, and <strong>Shooting Star</strong>, plus a lustrous <strong>Pearl Bow Charm</strong> with its twin <strong>Pearl Bow Pendant</strong>, create a festive mood using the traditional symbols and colors of <strong>Christmas</strong>. <br /> Find this heartwarming seasonal charm</p>
  • Light & Shadow...
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Light &amp; Shadow</strong></span> <br /><strong>SWAROVSKI INNOVATIONS</strong> Fall/Winter 2018/19</p> <p> Focusing on the theme:<strong> Light &amp; Shadow</strong>, <strong>Swarovski</strong>’s <strong>Innovations</strong> &amp; <strong>Inspirations</strong> for Fall/Winter 2018/19 explore the tensions between each. As society becomes more divided, we see a trend towards separation and a clash of viewpoints. It’s a world increasingly without gray areas—a world of <strong>light</strong> or <strong>dark</strong>, <strong>black</strong> or <strong>white</strong>, <strong>right</strong> or <strong>wrong</strong>; a world captured in the four trend themes identified for the new season: the extroverted playfulness of Fаntasia in contrast to the thoughtfully muted character of Nostalgia; the decadence and sensuality of Elegantia juxtaposed with the survivalist mentality of Urbania.</p>
  • Spike Bead Collection
    <p>Blending iconic <strong>punk rock</strong> style with the high <strong>glamour</strong> of sparkling <strong>Swarovski</strong> <strong>crystals</strong>, the new <strong>Spike Bead Collection</strong> is designed to give a brilliant <strong>rock-chic edge</strong> to a wide variety of items. Its three classic shapes — <strong>Square Spike Bead</strong>, <strong>Round Spike Bead</strong>, and <strong>Hexagon Spike Bead</strong> — are ideal for creating eye-catching <strong>spiked</strong> silhouettes for <strong>jewelry</strong>, accessories and <strong>DIY designs</strong>. Choose from two sizes, 5.5mm and 7.5mm, as well as a comprehensive palette of <strong>stylish colors</strong> and <strong>effects</strong>.</p>
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>WANDERLUST</strong></span><br /><strong>INNOVATIONS</strong> AND <strong>INSPIRATIONS</strong> <strong>SPRING / SUMMER 2019</strong><br /><br /> Numbed and bored by today’s technology driven world, we opt to refocus on the human element with its emotional, intellectual and spiritual demands. Craving connection, seeking authenticity and desiring the real, we travel the world — experiencing new cultures and exploring new regions in order to learn, grow and ultimately find happiness. Gap-year travels, adventure journeys, “snackable” holidays or luxury seafaring cruises confirm the new experience consumer for whom traveling is more than just going to a different place — it is about creating new meanings, and making the best of life.<br /> This season we highlight new ways of fulfilment and satisfaction through travel experiences that transform us, bringing an element of joy to our lives.<br /><br /><strong>CULTURE</strong> <strong>FREEDOM</strong> <strong> ADVENTURE</strong> <strong>LEISURE</strong></p>
    <p><strong>BE YOURSELF: FALL/WINTER 2019/20</strong></p> <p>This season, <strong>Swarovski</strong>’s crystal innovations reflect society’s move away from collectivism toward individualism, displayed in its desire for singularity and freethinking self-expression. Embrace who you really are: it’s time to Be Yourself!</p>
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>CRYSTAL ELECTRIC LACQUER PRO EFFECTS</strong></span><br /><br />As an industry game-changer, the <strong>neon</strong>-like palette of the <strong>Crystal Electric Lacquer PRO</strong> Family delivers a high-voltage <strong>sparkle</strong> like no other. The inspiration comes from an exuberant tropical spectrum - a heightened sense of color that transforms the performer into a vibrant bird of paradise.<br /><br /> It’s a strategy focused on ensuring that the dancer captures—and holds—an audience from the second they step into the spotlight. The aim is to drench the senses in color, exuberant prints, densely encrusted crystals, and materials that move. The resultis phenomenal tactile designs.<br /><br /> The designs are mesmerizing. They bridge the gap between stage and judging panel with myriad new creative possibilities, enhancing a costume‘s competitive advantage.</p>
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>THE POWER OF EMOTIONS: SPRING/SUMMER 2020</strong></span><br /><strong>It’s All About Emotion</strong><br /><br />Digitalization has a lot to answer for.<br /> Yes, we are more connected, more informed, more style savvy… but are we? Ironically, while we have at our fingertips the ability to connect with anyone at any time or any place, it appears that we are in the midst of a global pandemic that psychologists are calling “The Loneliness Epidemic”.<br />The focus on emotional balance and reconnection has had a global impact: <br />- cuddle and crying rooms have sprung up on university campuses;<br />- board game cafés are on the rise; <br />- and laughter workshops have emerged around the world.</p>
  • Love All: Fall/winter...
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Love All: innovations Fall/winter 2020/21</strong></span><br /><strong>UNFOLDING THE PASSION OF CREATIVITY</strong></p> <p><br /> <strong>Swarovski</strong> is delighted to introduce its <strong>crystal innovations</strong> for <strong>Fall/Winter 2010/21</strong>. The theme is <strong>Love All</strong>, a reflection on the desire to give life more meaning and optimism and to prioritize how we feel over what we have.</p>
  • TIME TO SHINE : Spring...
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>TIME TO SHINE</strong></span><br /><strong>Spring / Summer 2021</strong><br />This season <strong>Swarovski’s</strong> <strong>crystal</strong> innovations embrace the transformative power of time, the spellbinding moments that create the most meaningful of memories.<br /> This spring summer take a moment to shine!</p>
    <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>EMBRACING THE NEXT</strong></span><br /><strong>CRYSTAL INNOVATIONS AND INSPIRATIONS</strong><br /><strong>FALL/WINTER 2021/22</strong><br /><br />Welcome to the new <strong>Swarovski</strong> <strong>collection</strong> for <strong>Fall/Winter 2021/22</strong> where “<strong>Embracing the Next</strong>” is key. As we move into a brave new <strong>future</strong> we discover a whole world of radiant opportunities with mesmerizing new <strong>crystal innovations and inspirations</strong>.</p>

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