<p><strong>Preciosa</strong> - Your Brilliant Choice !</p> <p><strong>Preciosa</strong> is a world leading producer of <strong>cut crystal</strong>, specializing mainly in the production of machine cut <strong>chatons</strong>, <strong>beads</strong>, <strong>stones</strong> and other <strong>fashion jewellery components</strong> of top quality and in a broad variety of shapes, colours and sizes. <strong>Preciosa</strong> produces <strong>crystal</strong> trimming chandeliers as well as contemporary decorative lighting fixtures, <strong>crystal jewellery</strong> and gifts...</p>
  • AURORA Plus/Basic
    <p style="text-align:left;"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>AURORA </strong></span><strong>The Brilliant Choice</strong></p> <p style="text-align:left;"> The <strong>AURORA</strong> <strong>crystals</strong> and <strong>applications</strong> are European multi brand, sourced from different global suppliers incl. own production located in different countries - based on the unique combination of the price and highest European quality standards, has received a major upgrade thanks to the years of experience from the global fashion markets and exceptionally brilliant <strong>AURORA</strong> cut. The exceptionally brilliant <strong>AURORA</strong> crystals cut, with its faceting and incredible precision, accentuates the AURORA crystals, making it suitable for any style.<br /> The simplicity of the outline, in combination with the intricate faceting and resulting sparkle, makes for unlimited design possibilities across almost all segments, including fashion, accessories, nails, eyewear, watches fashion jewellery and interiors</p>
    <p><strong>SWAROVSKI</strong> - THE <strong>PREMIUM BRAND</strong> FOR FINE LOOSE CUT <strong>CRYSTALS</strong>!<br /><br />Since 1895, <strong>Swarovski</strong>, founded by <strong>Daniel Swarovski</strong>, has been dedicated to perfection. <br /><strong>Swarovski</strong> are the cintillating soul of design. In a vast array of constantly <strong>innovative cuts</strong>, <strong>colours</strong> and <strong>textures</strong>, they unleash boundless creativity. <strong>Crystal</strong> is a dream-weaver, an infinite source of inspiration. <br />“<strong>Made with Swarovski Elements</strong>” is a declaration of authenticity and integrity.</p>
    <p><strong>TOHO</strong> <strong>glass beads</strong> are the best of the world quality!<br /><br /><strong>TOHO</strong> is the finest manufacturer of <strong>glass seed beads</strong> in Japan and has been around since 1957. <strong>TOHO</strong> means '<strong>Eastern Treasure</strong>' in English. The phrase  “<strong>Your Soul in Every Bead</strong>” is represent the spirit of <strong>TOHO</strong>. We recognize that each and every work of art comes from the heart of the creator. <strong>TOHO</strong> promote the spirit of “<strong>Your Soul in Every Bead</strong>” as it develop new products and continue to produce the highest quality products to meet all your <strong>beading</strong> needs.</p>
  • Miyuki SEED BEADS
    <p><strong>MIYUKI</strong> <strong>glass beads</strong> are considered a "<strong>world standard</strong>" for their high <strong>quality</strong>, <strong>brilliance</strong>, and <strong>uniform shape</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Japanese</strong> production of <strong>glass seed beads</strong> began at the beginning of the <strong>Showa</strong> Period (1940s). In 1949, <strong>Miyuki</strong> was founded in <strong>Hiroshima</strong>, and quickly became a renowned <strong>glass seed bead</strong> manufacturer. Since then, <strong>MIYUKI</strong> have continued to strive for increased quality and improved artistry through innovation and state of the art technology. <strong>MIYUKI</strong> highly respected name, excellent reputation, and the introduction of fantastic new products like <strong>Delica Beads</strong> are all testimonies to <strong>MIYUKI</strong> dedication to <strong>beads</strong> and to <strong>bead lovers</strong>.</p>
  • Paillettes
    <p> A sequin (fr. paillette "golden grain of sand, gold") is a disk-shaped bead used for decorative purposes. In earlier centuries, they were made from shiny metals. Today, Paillettes are most often made from plastic. They are available in a wide variety of colors and geometrical shapes. Paillettes are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and many other accessories.<br /> Paillettes are sometimes also referred to as sequins, spangles or diamantes. In costuming, sequins have a center hole, while spangles have the hole located at the top. Paillettes may be stitched flat to the fabric, so they do not move, and are less likely to fall off; or they may be stitched at only one point, so they dangle and move easily, catching more light. Some sequins are made with multiple facets, to increase their reflective ability.</p>
  • Les Perles par Puca®
    <p>"<span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Les perles par Puca® - Paris</strong></span>"<br /><br />Please welcome to the New World of Beads - "<strong>Les perles par Puca® - Paris</strong>"!<br /><br /> The french designer <strong>Annick</strong>, named <strong>Puca</strong>, with more than 12 years of experience creating and distributing <strong>beads</strong>, drawed a first <strong>bead</strong>, the <strong>Khéops</strong>® par <strong>Puca</strong>®. As it was a great success, she drawned then other beads : <strong>Arcos</strong>®, <strong>Minos</strong>®, <strong>Ios</strong>®, <strong>Super-Khéops</strong>®, <strong>Tinos</strong>, <strong>Amos</strong>® and <strong>Cabochons</strong>® <strong>par Puca</strong>®. Since 2014 were created an exclusive range of beads, designed by <strong>Puca</strong>® - "<strong>Les perles par Puca® - Paris</strong>". <br /> All the beads in the <strong>Les Perles Par Puca®</strong> range are inter-connectable, allowing you to create elegant designs which seamlessly blend and harmonise. <br /><br /> All the beads fit together or can be used separately.<br /><br />Discover a new world of creation!</p>
  • Jewellery Silver PRECIOSA
    <p><strong>PRECIOSA</strong> <strong>Jewellery</strong> <strong>Silver Elegance</strong> is distinguished by its inimitable brilliance and precise facets. As is suggested by the name, the natural <strong>elegance</strong> of the <strong>crystal</strong> is emphasised by <strong>925 silver</strong> in combination with <strong>rhodium</strong>, which gives every piece of <strong>jewellery</strong> a luxurious appearance. <strong>Silver Elegance</strong> has been designed for women who prefer <strong>refinement</strong>, <strong>beauty</strong> and <strong>elegance</strong>.</p>
  • Moulding Felt
    <p><strong>Modelling Felt</strong></p> <p>Get your felt in shape! With the new way of processing the <strong>felt</strong>, you will succeed in every project. Simply moisten with water and get started. And the final result? Unique shapes and figurines – it’s a child's play!<br /><br />What’s more: you can also cut and punch the <strong>modelling felt</strong>.</p>
  • Lunasoft Cabochons
    <p>The <strong>Lunasoft Cabochons</strong> <strong>charm</strong> fascinate you with their <strong>velvet sparkling</strong>!</p> <p><strong>Lunasoft Cabochons</strong> made of <strong>Lucite</strong> (also known as <strong>PMMA</strong> - <strong>polymethyl methacrylate</strong>). The bottom of the <strong>cabochon</strong> is <strong>reflective</strong> (<strong>vacuum foiled</strong>) and the surface is lacked and have a <strong>velvet touch effect</strong>. The <strong>Lunasoft Lucite Cabochons</strong> are beautiful and very versatile for <strong>jewelry</strong> making and <strong>accessory</strong> embellishments.</p>
    <p style="text-align:right;"><span style="color:#ffffff;">We offer you the Czech</span></p> <p style="text-align:right;"><span style="color:#ffffff;"> fire polish and pressed beads. </span></p> <p style="text-align:right;"><span style="color:#ffffff;">Czech bead making quality </span></p> <p style="text-align:right;"><span style="color:#ffffff;">and tradition dates back </span></p> <p style="text-align:right;"><span style="color:#ffffff;">hundreds of years. The Original</span></p> <p style="text-align:right;"><span style="color:#ffffff;"> Czech Bead™ - quality and a </span></p> <p style="text-align:right;"><span style="color:#ffffff;">reputation that you can trust.</span></p>
  • Silver Ag 925 (Sterling)
    <p><strong>Decorate</strong> your <strong>inspired jewelry</strong> with <strong>sparkling</strong> <strong>silver</strong> <strong>components</strong>!</p> <p> <strong>Sterling silver</strong> is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of <strong>silver</strong> and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually <strong>copper</strong>. The <strong>sterling silver</strong> standard has a minimum <strong>millesimal fineness</strong> of 925. <strong>Fine silver</strong> is 99.9% pure and is generally too soft for producing <strong>jewellery supplies</strong>; therefore, the <strong>silver</strong> is usually alloyed with <strong>copper</strong> to give it strength while preserving the ductility and beauty of the precious metal.</p>
  • Metal Components
    <p>Metal Components it is components made of Non-precious metals for use at the production of various jewelry.</p>
  • Accessories

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