Quality jewelry making supplies

Buying jewelry supplies at online stores can sometimes be challenging. However, this is not the case with Crystal MIX. It has been a reputable provider of retail and wholesale jewelry supplies and a reliable partner of many jewelry artists for more than a decade. At Crystal Mix, we will answer all your questions based on our extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of our business niche. In our wide assortment, you will find not only impressive and high-quality Swarovski crystals including amazing Eastern moods of Toho and Miyuki beads, but also elegant and shiny Preciosa crystals. If you plan to decorate sports clothes, create jewelry or simply embody your fantasies, Crystal MIX will definitely provide you with products that suit you.

Wide selection of beautiful Preciosa rhinestones

We work hard to ensure that high-quality products are always available in our assortment for our customers. We are also happy to receive customers’ feedback to keep our product range relevant to their needs. So, don’t hesitate to ask us about the product you want. Our range of products includes high-quality Preciosa products like sparkling beads, pearlescent pearls, and shiny rhinestones. We are the authorized reseller of Preciosa, so you can contact us on all Preciosa products for questions that interest you.

Mesmerizing Swarovski crystals online

We know that finding quality crystals and rhinestones at one place can sometimes be a difficult task. According to the information received from our customers, high-quality Swarovski and Preciosa crystals are especially hard to find. We strive to do everything possible to compensate for this inconvenience by presenting Swarovski and Preciosa components at reasonable prices in the shortest time possible. In addition to Preciosa, we are also an authorized Swarovski reseller, so we can also answer questions about Swarovski products based on our experience and knowledge.

Buy beads online for commercial and home purposes

If you follow our online sales campaigns, you will easily find Swarovski and Precious crystals, beads, and other accessories to replenish your stocks at affordable prices. No need to look for an online bead store because you can purchase wholesale beads from the Toho and Miyuki brands that will sparkle as spectacular as the crystals, especially when your goal is to decorate a large number of clothing items. The beads are also relatively easy to handle, so they are good for jewelry making and crafting. At Crystal Mix, you will also find beautiful 925 Sterling Silver products to create unique silver designs.

We strive to ship our products right away so you would get your order as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about products availability, suggestions about our assortment, or questions about orders, please feel free to contact us.